Still the Best New Cash Back Offer: Ally® CashBack Credit Card Supercharges Savings When Coupled With Ally Bank Accounts

Rebecca Schultz, Senior Director of Transactional Products for Ally, explained how Ally sought out an established issuer to help get the new card to market as quickly as possible. Ally turned to TD Bank, forming a strategic relationship to issue the Visa rewards card.

“By partnering with a successful card issuer,” Rebecca began, “we were able to get a product out there that we felt confident in and utilized some of their best-in-class offerings.”

Through Visa, the card offers other benefits as well, including launching with the ability to add the card to digital wallets and payment programs like Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay. Since then, Ally has also added Microsoft Pay compatibility, further expanding the functionality of the card.

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By: Lauren Keys

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